Future of Planned Giving

Six Experts Interviewed - The Future of Planned Giving

Wondering What’s Ahead?

Stop speculating and find out what the movement to merge planned giving with major gifts and principal gifts really means. Download our special report [PDF; instant free download].

Our panel of six industry experts covers topics including, “What are the pros and cons of a merge?” “What are the implications for planned giving as a specialty?” “When is it time to ‘outsource’ gift planning?” and “What can the car industry teach the philanthropy sector?”

  • Jeff Comfort
  • Camilyn Leone, Esq.
  • Dr. Scott Janney

  • Scott Lumpkin
  • Lisa Repko
  • Lynne Ierardi, JD

Download our Special Report.

Thanks to Dr. Rebecca Janney for conducting the interviews.

New to planned giving? Learn how gift planning vehicles work (a 100 mile high review with videos). Or purchase The Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide.

PS: I love the world of planned giving. Here's how I got into it. How about you? Let me know on LinkedIn.

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