Donor Engagement = More Money Raised

The best way to build a relationship with a donor is to find out more about them. Do studies show this? Absolutely. Do you need a study to prove it? Absolutely not — it’s common sense.

Donor surveys.

The easiest way to gather critical information you need about your donors and their intentions are through donor surveys. Why do you think most retail transactions come with a request to fill out a short survey? It’s a natural way to retain clients by collecting and acting based on feedback.

At PlannedGiving.Com, we provide donor surveys with industry proven questions so you can gather information to use as engagement tools. And everything we provide is backed up by analytics — all to help you better understand giving patterns and the inherent needs and wants of your constituency.

Why are donor surveys important?

  1. How are you going to know what your donors need and want if you don’t ask them?
  2. How else are you going to gauge donor satisfaction? (Guessing is not the answer.)
  3. How else are you going to predict what will make it more likely that a donor will continue to give, or even increase their giving?
  4. How else will you determine the right incentives to entice donors?
  5. How will you know what issues to address — and what to leave out — in your donor communications?

Feedback helps you to alter — or maintain — course as needed. You’ll be able to tell who’s engaged, who isn’t, and clean up your list of donor prospects.

The Process

Donor surveys are an easy 7-step process!

  1. We use tried and true survey questions
  2. We ensure that they are customized for your final approval
  3. You give us your email list
  4. We’ll send out an e-broadcast
  5. We’ll repeat the e-broadcast to those who did not take the survey
  6. We’ll even repeat it a third time
  7. We conduct Survey Logic, Branching and Split Testing (depending how questions are answered) and give you results
  8. We’ll give you the results:
    • Who is interested
    • Who has left you in their estate
    • Who wants to talk more
    • Who does not want to hear from you again
    • How do they want to communicate with you

Final product includes complete metrics, analytics and a planned giving funnel with names and addresses of people who are interested in becoming Legacy Donors. We’ll even include major gift prospects, and in some cases, those who are just interested in supporting you with minor annual gifts.


Consider your “costs” an investment! There are two types of surveys we conduct:

  1. Online, backed by analytics.
  2. Paper, delivered via U.S. Mail.

We can provide you an estimate along with an explanation of the benefits associated with each.

Remember… the more you know, the more effective — and powerful — you’ll be at what you do.


Get in touch here or call us at 800-490-7090 for more information.

Areas of Focus

  • Donor Feedback (most popular)
  • General Planned Giving and Estate Planning
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Online Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Board Governance
  • Volunteer Involvement

Getting Started

There are four steps we take to establish an effective survey strategy:

  • Clarity, Focus and Brevity of Survey
  • Objective of Survey
  • An Optional Test Drive with a Small Group
  • Appealing Design, Simple Questions

Should You Do a Donor Survey?

Only if you have planned what to do with the results. Don’t have a plan in place yet? We strongly suggest to stop right here and consult with us first.