Landing Pages & eMarketing

Landing Pages

General features:

  • Each landing page covers one topic at a time (except for General Planned Giving for Advisors, which summarizes 12 gift plans).
  • Each landing page has a submission form to capture a visitor.
  • Each can have an “offer,” such as our Estate Planning Guide. “Offers” are critical as they increase response rates.
  • All landing pages have a video, and some carry a related calculator.
  • The General Planned Giving for advisors landing page has 12 videos and an interactive gift comparison chart.
  • The General Planned Giving landing page is not available for nonprofits. We recommend one of our donor-centric planned giving websites instead.

The purpose of a landing page is a “quick capture” of a prospect at a low cost. For this reason, branding of our landing pages are limited to:

  • Your logo
  • Contact Information, and
  • Your organization’s name throughout

No further customization is available* (such as navigation changes, your website graphics, revisions to the copy, etc. Remember, landing pages are not websites. They are … landing pages!

*It’s not that we do not want to do them, it’s just that technologically they are designed this way to keep costs at a bare minimum.

A Big Plus

We own the domains:

  • PlannedGiving.Org
  • GiftPlanning.Org

This gives us the ability to host your planned giving website and landing pages under these two domains. And since we own the domains, no one else has the capability to do so.

This alone creates an incredible search engine optimized marketing tool for you.

By the way, we’ve been offering eMarketing, eBroadcasts and Landing Pages since 1998… that’s the same year Google was founded!


We offer landing pages for nonprofits and financial advisors.

For Nonprofits

IRA Rollover Landing Page
An easy way to explain the “tax-free” gift. (sample)

CGA Landing Page (PDF)

Estate Planning Wake-Up Call
With an oomph, an easy and targeted way to get an important point across.


For Advisors

General Planned Giving
Specially designed for the financial advisor who serves the nonprofit sector.



scalable and mobile friendly split testing to measure results and deliver accurate analytics complete analytics personalized eBroadcasts
Mobile Friendly A/B Split Testing Detailed Analytics Personalization

  • Each e-broadcast sticks to one topic. It’s more likely to be read and remembered, and less likely to be deleted.
  • Friendly content. No tax news or Washington updates like other vendors’, no articles on senior living.
  • Campaign landing pages.
  • Segmentation.
  • A/B split testing and experiments.
  • Contact management and merge fields to completely personalize.
  • List building tools.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Facebook and Social Media integration.
  • Complete metrics/analytics:
    • Open rates — real time tracking
    • Who opened — real time tracking
    • Click through rates — real time tracking
    • How many pages the prospect visited on your website (link tracking) — real time tracking
    • What parts of the nation the visitors were from — real time tracking
    • Complaints (yes, you want to hear these too!) — real time tracking
    • Spam notices (yes, it will happen, whether you want it or not) — real time tracking
    • Contact management and list building tools

(Some advice: Do not use eMarketing alone as it should only be a supplement to direct mail. Studies show that US Mail still outperfoms eMarketing. This funny cartoon will get the point across.)

We suggest 4 to 12 e-broadcasts a year. We also suggest an electronic survey of your donors.