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A Total System

Turnkey. Customizable. Affordable.

PG Campaign is just that: A Campaign. The goal? No fuss. No muss. Peace-of-mind.

This solution is the culmination of more than two decades of proven planned giving marketing experience.

Customized based on your needs, these are complete marketing solutions so you can continue focus on what you do best: Creating relationships, closing gifts and building your organization’s endowment.

These high-end marketing bundles consist of several lead-generation tools cleverly designed to work together with your branding and your messaging. They even include an implementation marketing calendar.

How It Works

We schedule an in-depth consultation to gain a thorough understanding of your operation. We then develop a comprehensive marketing campaign to fit your unique needs. Once you’ve approved your customized solution, we handle all the details required to implement, manage and successfully deploy.

It’s that simple: A complete, customized, turnkey system at your fingertips, developed by the industry’s leading planned giving marketing experts.
Typical Solution Components

PG Campaign consists of several components. We can add, delete and customize each one.

  • Planned Giving Website
  • Landing Page
  • Postcard Topic #1
    • Echo Email #1
  • Postcard Topic #2
    • Echo Email #2
  • Postcard Topic #3
    • Echo Email #3
  • Postcard Topic #4
    • Echo Email #4
  • Back-Office Tools:
    • Brochures
    • Forms
    • Gift Acceptance Templates
    • Gift Plan Spec Sheets
    • Gift Illustration Fors, etc.

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  • Gift Acceptance Policies
  • Campaign Counting Guidelines
  • Marketing Plan Audit

Each solution is customized after we gain a thorough understanding of your operation.
Includes a marketing calendar with implementation schedule.
Special options for nonprofits with affiliates (Foundations, Diocese, Archdiocese)