Planned Giving Websites for Churches

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Visually-minded educational tools.

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Finally. Online Planned Giving Pages For the Small Church.

Why most churches do not pursue planned gifts:

  1. Lack of resources
  2. Lack of time

But there’s a much greater reason. There’s a lack of understanding about what planned giving is. Many church leaders — elders, trustees, pastors — have either never heard of it, or the whole idea scares them.

A Planned Giving Website is a Good Place to Begin.

Simple planned giving pages online and our 8 page planned giving marketing guide and calendar (PDF) are great places to start (doing half the action items in the guide won’t even cost you a dollar).

Your Commitment

About 5 minutes of your time (you fill out a form and give us a photo or two). The rest of the work is on us.


In the nonprofit world, successful organizations use planned giving as a critical component in their fundraising engine. This is, for many churches, a relatively new avenue for donations and revenue — and, as with all new things, brings a fear of the unknown. We help you better understand why planned giving is important to your church’s financial well-being  — and we take the mystery and fear out of the process.

The Gifts Are There.

We can help your church establish an online planned giving presence to encourage planned gifts from your congregation and supporters.

It’s also a good way to have Google begin indexing your website to let your board, donors and the rest of the world know that your church is able to accept planned gifts.


Just $49500 /year>

(including hosting, content, and updates)

Product comes with:

  • All critical gift plans
  • Interactive gift comparison
  • Videos of each gift plan
  • Video: What is planned giving?
  • Video: IRA Rollover (how it works)
  • Custom banner photo and church’s logo
  • Branded with your church or mission’s name
  • Contact information

Additional items:

  • Calendar and 7-Page Marketing Guide
  • Admission to our monthly client hour
  • Planned Giving Pocket Guide for Fundraisers
  • Planned Giving Pocket Guide for Board Members
  • Planned Giving Pocket Guide for Beginners

Planned Giving and the Church

A critical white paper to be shared with your board.

Rebecca Price Janney, D. Min.; Dan Rice; John Foster, JD

10 Reasons for a Ministry of Legacy Giving

A critical white paper to be shared with your board.

Chris McLeod, JD

Why does our Church need planned giving pages online?

Because the money is there, but your parishioners are making their gifts to other charities that have more robust planned giving programs. The United States may consider itself the most religious Western nation, but its churches rank near the bottom of U.S. charities in soliciting and closing major and planned gifts. Having planned giving pages online is the first step toward reversing this trend.

How can planned giving possibly bring in more money than our collections, which we have at every service?

Only 5% of this nation’s wealth is in cash. The majority is in assets. Your parishioners can’t put gifts of stock, real estate or life insurance in the collection basket — but they can make those gifts to your mission through a planned giving program. Planned gifts are significantly larger than annual gifts: The typical completed planned gift is 200 times the size of a donor’s largest annual gift.

Our congregation isn’t wealthy. How is planned giving going to help?

Your congregation is perfect for a planned giving program. Low- and middle-class parishioners are giving the most —a 2015 Sharefaith article shows people with a salary of less than $20,000 are eight times more likely to give than someone who makes $75,000. Many of your parishioners want to give (or want to give more), but feel like they’re not in a financial position to do so. Planned gifts allow them to donate with no financial impact during their lifetimes.

We already have a planned giving program — why aren’t we getting more donations?

Because your parishioners either don’t know about it, or don’t understand it. Studies show the same prospects who receive and respond to planned giving promotions from schools, hospitals and cultural organizations haven’t heard that their church has to build its endowment and wants them to consider a planned gift. This is where a simple marketing program that includes an online presence and plain, simple descriptions of gift options is critical.

We’ve been losing donations for a while. How can we afford a planned giving program?

You can’t afford not to have a planned giving program. In addition, planned giving is more of a mindset it does not cost much to create and maintain a small program.

According to The Giving Institute, charitable giving is up in the United States, but the percentage of those giving to churches has dropped — from 53 percent in 1987 to 32 percent in 2015. A planned giving program shows parishioners your church takes philanthropy just as seriously as the other nonprofits they’re giving to — and it allows them to give without affecting their day-to-day budgets.

But we don’t have the time, budget or know-how to implement a program online.

This is an extremely affordable, turnkey product that includes hosting and content. It’s designed specifically for churches, and we do all the work. You just supply some information and a few pictures.

Won't we lose cash donations if we pursue planned gifts?

On the contrary. Studies show that after someone has made a planned gift, his or her monthly and yearly cash gifts go up as well.

What if we want something more robust, or need help with brochures and direct-mail products?

We offer higher-end solutions here. And we offer complete planned giving marketing solutions and collateral, such as direct mail, brochures, and estate planning toolkits, just to name a few. We also offer numerous leave-behind pieces for donors and board members.