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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for Giving Tomorrow™ (formerly Planned Giving Tomorrow). Please read these guidelines thoroughly and going through a sample issue before submitting your idea for consideration. Similar guidelines apply if you’re interested in becoming a webinar presenter.

What Makes the Magazine Different

Giving Tomorrow™ is the first and only magazine that focuses on marketing planned gifts. Giving Tomorrow™ is for nonprofit professionals who are proactive and take responsibility for their own success. It is printed in a four-color, pleasing format.

Our readers understand that fundraising has changed. The days of relying on golf tournaments and galas are numbered. “Siloed” giving is out; blended gifts are in. Giving Tomorrow™ readers know it’s no longer acceptable to “plan” to pursue planned gifts in the future. The future is now. Tomorrow is here. Those who are not marketing planned gifts are falling behind fast.

Published Since 2007

For the first 10 years, the magazine was free and published quarterly.  As of July 2018, Giving Tomorrow™ is a monthly magazine, free for clients, but by paid subscription for all others.

Giving Tomorrow™ contributors are experts in their fields. Articles give practical marketing advice you need today, tips on best practices, creative and simple ways to raise more planned gifts immediately, inspiration and motivation for setting goals, time management, and more.

Now and then, but not often, we touch on technical issues as well. So if you are a technical “guru”, we’d like to hear why you should be published.

What to Submit

We welcome poignant, opinionated, controversial, funny, passionate, practical, or technical with a twist. Just don’t be boring—please!

We accept submissions for the following categories and topics. If you have an idea outside this list, it will definitely be considered.

  • Cover story: in-depth coverage of big important topics – 800-1000 words
  • Letters to the Editor: always welcome
  • How To: pieces on practical topics – 500 words or less
  • Technical Corner: for the self-proclaimed “nerd” readers
  • Q&A: Interview with experts in industries outside the nonprofit sector
  • Profiles of movers and shakers
  • Donor Perspective: A story by or about a donor on what it’s like to be on the receiving end of fundraising solicitations
  • About you: a special and success story… something moving, powerful, embarrassing, lesson to learn from… don’t be bashful

How to Submit

Email the editor a synopsis of your idea. Indicate whether your article is original or if it has been previously published elsewhere such as in CASE Currents, Planned Giving Today, etc.

After your idea has been approved, submit the following items:

  • Your completed article
  • A brief author bio (25 words or less)
  • A high-resolution headshot

With special consideration, we can interview you and ghostwrite the article on your behalf. Please inquire.

Published pieces of 500 words or more are eligible for 5 points for CFRE continuing education requirements.

General Information

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