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Falling Behind

Fundraising has changed. The days of relying on golf tournaments and galas are numbered. “Siloed” giving is out; blended gifts are in. Planned Giving Tomorrow readers know it’s no longer acceptable to “plan” to pursue planned gifts “someday” in the future. The future is now. Tomorrow is here.

Those who are not marketing planned gifts today are falling behind fast.

Giving Tomorrow is the first and only magazine that focuses on marketing planned gifts. It is written for nonprofit professionals who are proactive and believe in taking responsibility for their own success.

Giving Tomorrow contributors are experts in their fields. Articles give practical marketing advice, tips on best practices, simple ways to get more planned gifts, inspiration and motivation, and much more to equip readers to achieve their goals.

Giving Tomorrow is printed in a four-color, lively format, and arrives in your hands via U.S. Mail.

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