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Planned Giving Infographics

Here’s professionally designed artwork; download and use them as you wish. If you are distributing or posting them, you must cite PlannedGiving.Com as the source. This is copyrighted material.

7 Reasons Donors Stop Giving (It’s common sense, but we always forget.)

Anatomy of a Display Ad (A lot more goes into it than you think.)

U.S. Mail vs. Email (Who Wins?)

7 Reasons Donors Stop Giving (2 critical infographics.)

10 Story Telling Critical Points (Place this on your bulletin board.)

Anatomy of a Bequest (Spectacular design. Perfect for your newsletter.)

Blind Spots Fundraisers Have (You will not believe this one.)

Useful Tools

12-Month Planned Giving Marketing Plan (Includes Marketing Advice)

Donor Testimonial Form (Begin with this form to build your donor story library.)

Legacy Donor Profile (This will save you quite a bit in datamining!)

Planned Giving Pocket Guide Includes Gift Comparison Chart (see layout)
Slip this handy booklet into your pocket before your next round of prospect calls. It's not another ways-of-giving brochure — it's a "why's of giving" that helps you better understand the upside and downside of different giving options for both you and your prospects.

Best Practices in a Planned Giving Program

Meredith Sossman, Esq., CFRE with Stuart Sullivan, Consultants at PlannedGiving.Com

The Importance of Planned Giving

This is a good video to show to your board. Have the volume up.