Gift Annuities: Donors Love Them. So Should You!

Gift Annuities: Donors Love Them. So Should You!

Meredith Sossman, JD, CFRE
Meredith Sossman Consultant, Author, Speaker
Scott Janney Chief Development Officer
Date & Time (E.S.T.)
April 4, 2019 2:00 PM
April 4, 2019 3:00 PM


A guaranteed “paycheck” for life? What’s not to like?

This is how donors think of them! And one donor called it the “selfish gift!”

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True story: A donor recently told a client of ours, “You know, it’s OK to be selfish when you give. A gift annuity is really a ‘selfish gift.’ ” You make a gift and you receive something in return!” We turned this encounter into a marketing plan — and it worked very well!

Donors love gift annuities because they’re a win-win. Join Scott and Meredith on this topic. Areas covered:

  1. Learn how gift annuities work (including deferred and flexible)
  2. The upside (and downside) of these gift plans
  3. Who is your ideal candidate and how to spot them (it is easier than you think)
  4. “My charity is too small for a gift annuity.” (There is a solution)
  5. Risk factors
  6. State registration issues
  7. Marketing strategies (with examples)

Downloadable giveaways include:

  1. Pocket Guide for Board Members
  2. Gift Comparison Chart

“A guaranteed paycheck for life? What’s not to like?”

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