Gift Plan “Sell” Sheets (Customized)

Gift Plan “Sell” Sheets (Customized)


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These one page “sell” sheets are exactly that … a quick specification sheet that explains the features and benefits of a particular gift plan. (If you wish just to download the templates and customize them yourself, click here.)

Several other benefits come with these “sell” sheets, so make sure you download the PDF.

  • Up to 15 total; professionally designed “sell” customized and produce by our professional staff
  • Expertly drawn gift diagrams
  • Expertly written and easy to “get”
  • Several elevator pitches to choose from
  • Branded with your name and logo
  • You’re allowed to edit (two rounds)
  • Perfect as leave-behind pieces
  • Perfect for advisors, attorneys, board
  • Handy for Legacy Society event materials
  • Perfect to assimilate in a pocket folder
  • Free Pocket Guides:
    • One (1) Pocket Guide for Fundraisers
    • One (1) Pocket Guide for Board Members
    • One (1) Pocket Guide for Beginners/Staff
  • Ten (10) Gift Comparison Charts
  • 20% subscription discount: Giving Tomorrow™
  • Confidence of having us as a trusted partner
  • 8.5 x 11, delivered to you as PDFs
  • Royalty-free: after delivery print as many as you wish

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