Productive Planned Giving Calls in Tough Times (Free) – Recording

Productive Planned Giving Calls in Tough Times (Free) – Recording

Registration is at maximum capacity. Do try to register. Recording available 4/1. Tough times create inaction. But this may be an opportunity in disguise. Don’t be paralyzed by fear or indecisiveness — make the best use of your time while the nation is on lockdown.

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why make calls now? Because the nonprofit next door probably won’t — and because now more than ever, your donors have questions and need answers. Will their gifts lose impact? Will their annuity payments tank? Will this affect your mission?
  • Who to Call. Do you call all your donors, or just those who’ve made the largest gifts? Do you call prospects, too?
  • How to Introduce the Call. Make it clear this isn’t an ask.
  • What Should We Talk About? How’s your donor doing? Do they have questions or concerns? Be prepared to find answers, or just lend an ear if needed.
  • How to Conclude the Call. Some donors might not want to let you off the phone — here’s how to let them down gently.
  • Outcomes From Past Tough Times. 9/11, The Great Recession … Is this time different?

Be sure to tune in for this free webinar with Jeff Comfort, Vice President, Principal Gifts and Gift Planning at Oregon State University Foundation, and Viken Mikaelian, CEO of

Both will talk from experience, and what’s being done now.