Real Estate Donations: 47 Critical Questions (PDF Version)

Real Estate Donations: 47 Critical Questions (PDF Version)

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About 90% (if not more) of nonprofits in this country are scared to accept gifts of real estate. Here’s your chance to be in the top 10% … if not much higher.

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In the world of gifts of real estate, the problem is where to start. This book will guide you the way.

The majority of Americans own real estate. Yet 95% of nonprofits in this country do not accept gifts of real estate.

Why? For one thing, they are more complicated and require more work than, say, accepting simple gifts of stock. But, for those who are willing to do the extra work, the rewards are great—six-figure great. The average real estate gift nationwide is in the range of $400,000.

Accordingly, these questions (and answers) will give you confidence to discuss the rather challenging topic of real estate philanthropy. More importantly, you will help your donors realize their wishes and desires as they take advantage of strategic options and opportunities.

This handy, invaluable book deepens your knowledge about gifts of real estate and answers the most critical questions consistently asked. It's a powerful tool that should be part of your arsenal.

About 40 pages. And welcome to the top 5%.