Storytelling Secrets from a Professional Writer

Storytelling Secrets from a Professional Writer

Viken Mikaelian CEO, PlannedGiving.Com
Karen Martin Professional Fundraising Copywriter
Date & Time (E.S.T.)
July 19, 2018 2:00 PM
July 19, 2018 3:00 PM


If your prospects don’t FEEL, they don’t ACT. So how do you make them feel?

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If you’re in fundraising, you are in the business of influencing emotions.

If your prospects don't FEEL, they don’t ACT. So how do you make them feel?

Tell a story.

Better stories = trigger emotions = more gifts.

  •  This webinar will teach you simple, immediate ways to improve the stories you’re telling.
  • What kind of stories you should be telling
  • Why stories motivate people to give
  • The ONE question that really matters
  • Anatomy of a good story
  • Sample stories—the good, the bad and the inspiring
  • 3 big important DON’Ts
  • Writer tricks you can use to jazz up your stories

Free downloads for live attendees ONLY:

  1. Emotional Triggers That Motivate People to Give. Science has spoken: people make decisions based on emotion. Post this attractive infographic near your desk to remind yourself of the buttons you need to push if you want prospects to give.
  2. Donor story cheat sheet. A good story doesn’t cut it. It also has to be a strategic story with a purpose. Use this guide to interview your donors and make sure you are drawing out the essential information and trigger emotions that will make your donor stories effective.

CONTEST! During the webinar we will draw a random name from the list of attendees. The winner gets a free edit of any story-based collateral up to 1000 words (direct mail, thank you letter, donor story, client story, newsletter article, etc.) You’ll end up with a professionally polished piece you can use. But more than that, you’ll get a line-by-line analysis of your current piece. What works, what doesn’t and why. You’ll feel confident in your storytelling abilities going forward.


  • $97.
  • Limited to 100 people.
  • Free downloads
  • Contest with a prize worth over $1,000
  • A chance to ask questions to the presenter


  • $147.
  • No free downloads
  • No chance to ask questions.

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