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There IS Money out there – Example #71

I ran into a philanthropically-minded couple recently at a little farmers market that my hometown hosts weekly. A charming little event, it’s actually not a place to buy fresh produce at bargain prices…but that’s not what this couple was there for.

A farmers market always seems to me to be the place where you should be able to buy better produce at lower prices, but as I said, that’s not the case with our little weekly market. I guess you’d call it more of a “boutique” farmers market: Fresh veggies for the discriminating buyer at premium prices.

That didn’t faze my friends, the philanthropic couple, though. They were getting bags full of tomatoes, squash, peaches, green beans, you name it, and happily paying the cost. As the woman said to me, “It’s all about the food!”

And I thought: Hey nonprofits, just replace the word “food” in my friend’s enthusiastic statement with your own mission-defining verbiage. For instance:

  • “It’s all about my alma mater!”
  • “It’s all about the cancer research center!”
  • “It’s all about spay and neuter!”

You get the point. What I’m talking about is using common sense marketing to engage, inspire, and motivate your constituents. Because there IS money out there. You just want to remind them of the many varied rewards they receive when they donate it to your nonprofit.

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