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They’ll Be Back Why I Don’t Worry When We "Lose” Clients To The Competition

Recently a client cancelled their plans to have us create their planned giving website. When I asked why, they informed me they decided to use the services of our competitor.

I don’t consider this a loss. I consider it more of a loan.

Also recently we had a former client come back to us… after eight months of using the services of that same competitor. An eight-month mistake!

Here’s the thing about that competitor. They are led by attorneys. The decision-makers for planned giving departments are also often attorneys—or at least, rely on them heavily. So I understand why an attorney-led planned giving vendor is appealing.

It feels safe.

But safe doesn’t sell.

When you need to evict a tenant or draft a contract, of course you want an attorney to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. But when you want to inspire someone to make a planned gift? Last time I checked out the Legalese dictionary, I didn’t find much inspiring language. None, actually.

All of our planned giving marketing materials, print and online, get scrutinized by attorneys to make sure they’re accurate. But thankfully, while our legal advisors do their job, they also let the marketing experts do theirs. So our stuff is legally accurate without putting people to sleep.

In eight or ten months when that client wonders why their attorney-written website isn’t attracting prospects, I expect they’ll remember us and come back. They’re always welcome.

Speaking of websites, stay tuned for an upcoming webinar on Planned Giving Website Metrics (for clients only).

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