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2020 Webinar Series (Past Webinars)

You can’t get ahead in the long term without investing, and education is one of the most important investments of all. Don’t put it off until later: Get an early start now, because there is so much to learn!

Our Webinars and Primers provide solid rungs on the ladder to a successful career in philanthropy. Past recordings are available here.

Presenters are carefully screened, premium speakers ensuring top-quality content. They teach what works and what doesn’t in the “business world” of philanthropy. Sessions are 60 minutes long (Q&A can run a few minutes longer). Plenty of takeaways including a free recording of the webinar for attendees.

Cost: $95 per session (no refunds). Read our FAQs for more information and why you should attend.

  • Major Gifts
  • Technical Gifts
  • Blended Gifts
  • “Sour” Gifts
  • IRA Rollover

  • Storytelling
  • Estate Planning
  • Personal
  • Time Management
  • Relationships

  • Tax Reform (SECURE Act, etc.)
  • Gift Counting Guidelines
  • Gift Acceptance Policies
  • The Ask and Conversation Starters
  • Boosting Your Online Profile


Donor Stewardship Starts With The Ask, Not The Gift

April 30, 2020$95.00
Stuart Sullivan, with Meredith Sossman Many fundraisers believe that stewardship...

Blended Gifts: The Double Ask

May 28, 2020$95.00
Blended gifts can make a way for a donor to...