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When the Smoke Clears -What About IRA Rollovers?

Seems like the whole world’s building a bonfire these days, but you know what? Philanthropy just goes on.

For example, the other day a client asked me about the IRA Rollover. That eternal topic. No matter what’s in the headlines, fundraisers need to know about those IRAs. Like nothing else matters.

The simple answer is: Hold off on the Rollover for now. Remember the legislation that expired last year – the law that meant it was a good idea for donors to make charitable gifts directly from their tax-deferred account? That law is still in limbo. That is, it’s not in force now, but it’s possible it will be in the near future. So the bottom line is “Wait and see.”

Until when? The election, naturally. We’re all waiting to see which way the wind blows in November. Then we can make some decisions about IRAs, and a lot of other things.

There’s a great article by Tom Herman on Wall Street Journal Online than will give you more details, but again the gist of it is “the outlook remains blurry.”


You may also want to read our blog post from a few years ago, “Was it Worth It?”


Let’s revisit after the election. For now, just focus on “Gifts Anyone Can Make” that represent 85% of all planned gifts: Appreciated “Stuff”, Life Insurance, “normal” IRAs, and of course, Bequests.

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