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Who's the Boss?

Think hard on this one.

A large corporation recently surveyed its employees and asked where their paycheck comes from. About 80% answered accounting, 10% answered the bank.

I asked my team at VirtualGiving.Com (my main company that delivers planned giving websites). I am happy to report that everyone answered “our clients.”

There is only one boss. Whether you shine shoes or run a multi-million dollar biz, the boss remains the same. It’s the client.

The client pays my salary, and decides whether my business is going to succeed or fail. The minute my business starts treating her badly or taking her for granted, she’ll put it out of business. She buys my clothes, my car, and everything I own.

This is why my signature line reads: If our service needs help, please tell us. If our service is worthy, please tell others.

I prefer to have clients and friends, and not customers. Customers just buy things. A client implies a close relationship. Same goes in fundraising. That’s why I say …

“Treat your prospects like donors, and your donors like friends.”

I want to thank each and every one of you for reading this blog, as well as being a friend of VirtualGiving.Com. Thank you for your business.

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