Year-End Toolkit

Product Features

Choice of One or Two Postcards
  • Year-End & Thanksgiving
  • Professionally designed
  • 5 choices for each card
  • Printed and mailed
  • Detailed letter about year-end giving
  • “Thank You” letter for January

Royalty-Free Content (Bonus)
  • Use it for years to come
  • Good for columns, brochures, newsletters (or any filler copy)
  • Eight (8) articles total
Your Benefits
  • Turnkey
  • Affordable
  • Critical

One or Two Postcards?

Research from the Direct Mail Association shows that the more touches you make, the more you’ll raise. And often disproportionately (i.e., 1 + 1 = 3). But you already knew that. You don’t need research to prove common sense. What you need is time: With all the tasks you’re juggling at your busy shop, things fall through the cracks.

Don’t let effective marketing be one of them. Contact us by November 1.


One Postcard + Outreach

Both Postcards + Outreach

Printing and postage (nonprofit rate) included.

Limited to 2000 copies per postcard. Credit card payments only.

Year End Postcard

  • Thank donors for past support
  • Briefly mention your mission
  • Remind them it’s the “last” tax break
  • Let them know you’re here to stay … far into the future

Thanksgiving Postcard

  • The timely period to thank your donors
  • A short summary of your mission
  • Remind them that year-end is coming
  • Cover ways to give

Year-End Giving Facts and Tidbits

  • November and December are popular for year-end asks; but the smart nonprofits begin in August
  • About 31% of cash giving occurs in December

  • 52% of nonprofits begin planning their year-end appeal in October
  • 12% of all giving happens in the last 3 days of the year… that’s a 1200% per day difference

So it’s never too late to promote year-end giving!